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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Combination With Fantasy and Creative Language in Working With Children: A Brief Report

Gianluca Ciuffardi, Sonia Scavelli, Andrea Leonardi


The main purpose of this study was to describe the application of a model of solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) integrated with the ideas of storytelling and creative language used in the psychological support service in an Italian school setting. The young clients described their changes and thoughts about the treatment using a self-report questionnaire. There were 32 young clients and the mean age was 13 years old. The data collected show promising first results and the interventions were appreciated by the clients. The youths reported that the interventions they thought of as most effective were the exceptions-seeking questions and the ideas to use the skills and competences they had developed in other settings (e.g., sports, art, or music) in the context of the therapeutic work to solve a problem. Furthermore, many students revealed that the use of stories and metaphors helped them to better understand some aspects of their situation. This let them be creative about their solutions so they could apply the ideas in a variety of situations. We give suggestions for practice and for further research on the integrating of fantasy and storytelling into SFBT.


solution-focused therapy, SFBT, school, metaphor, creative language, storytelling, fantasy

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DOI: 10.14335/ijsfp.v1i1.14

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