Journal History

Journal History

International Journal of Solution-Focused Practices aims to provide solution-focused practitioners with a journal through which to communicate information about their work, research, and ideas to colleagues within their professional areas. This will include therapy, different treatment settings, assessment, social work and social service, special education, and coaching and organizational work. 

IJSFP aims to provide the solution-focused practitioner, the practitioner who is interested but new to this field, and the academic reader with information of a broad variety of solution-focused ideas, practices, and research. By this, IJSFP provides a collected and cohesive outlook of the current developments in the forefront of the solution-focused tradition. 

- We aim to aid solution-focused practitioners and researchers with peer review services and in other ways help to facilitate in the writing of scholarly articles to present ideas, research and practice results, and learning experiences.

- We aim to publish research and descriptions of different applications and interpretations of solution-focused practices from a variety of contexts.

- We aim to give a critical and balanced description of solution-focused practices and results. 

- We aim to publish articles from a variety of perspectives on solution-focused practices and research. 

- We will not agree with any attempt to control or define the solution-focused model from any particular perspective; we aim to publish a multitude of views and ideas on solution-focused practices and related areas.